Episode 9: Family Faceoff with Craig and Courtney Laughlin
21:24Published on November 27, 2018
Craig and Courtney Laughlin are back in the studio to discuss Tom Wilson’s return, the Caps’ impressive win streak and their fantasy hockey dominance. PLUS, is John Carlson overlooked as one of the NHL’s top defenseman? The Laughlins share their thoughts on Family Faceoff. Topics include: the week that was (1:32), Tom Wilson’s return (1:47), fantasy hockey dominance (5:38), is John Carlson underrated (7:15), how do you determine the best defenseman (9:22), Dads Trip (11:40), the week ahead (13:23), Ken Hitchcock is back (15:49), the Laughlins’ three stars (16:44) and Craig’s unwritten three star voting ban (17:35).